Logistics consulting

Our consulting is based on trust and on our comprehensive know-how of the market. We accompany our project partners at eye level through the optimization approaches of the individual logistical processes, taking into account the needs of the employees as well as the corporate philosophy.

Logistics planning

We take over the complete planning of your project, including future-oriented coordination of transport, handling and storage processes. The goal: Clean processes that guarantee you smooth, scalable logistics operations in the long term.

WMS development

We know that strong software is based on strong ideas. Our involvement in university research is the origin of our unique software modules. The insights we gain from this are integrated into the existing conditions in customer projects in a tailor-made manner.

Process optimization

Your logistics processes move with the demands of the market. You meet this with continuous optimization. We support you in your constant evolution with precisely problem-related and market-tested solutions, with low time expenditure, moderate costs and a high degree of future security.

CEO, CFO | Owner

Simon Thomas

“It is particularly important for quality to support each other at all levels. Only by combining and uniting the skills and knowledge of several experts can complex or extensive tasks be solved.”

CEO, CMO | Owner

Mathias Thomas

“My biggest goal is to create a company where 140 people are both happy in a certain way and no longer have any basic worries. In this, one thing is clear to me: this can only be sustained through everyone’s constant work and participation.”

CIO | Managing Director

Eduard Wagner

“In many ways, logistics offers new facets for our company to engage with every year. It is our stated as well as constant goal to find the niches where fresh ideas can be born. That’s where my focus as CIO lies.”

COO | Managing Director

Günther Pfisterer

“Growth needs structure. That’s why I’m involved in developing strategic concepts for our customers and for ourselves, in order to find the best way to achieve the goal for everyone involved using the multi-faceted means of our digital working environment.”

Our approach to development

Adaptive software

You won’t get standard solutions from us. After all, your distribution center is unique and your specific structures and processes dictate certain solutions and approaches.
For this reason, all our solutions are based on the adaptive software model. This means: combinable software modules that give you the freedom to tailor all IT processes to your individual needs. For this purpose, exactly those IT modules that are specifically needed for your requirements are set up on a standard platform with basic services. If you want to expand your operations in the next few years, the necessary components are then simply added on.

Your advantages:

  • You buy exactly what you need at the current time
  • You save costs and implementation time
  • The system can be adapted at any time to the economic development of your company
  • No superfluous functions and no unnecessary system loads
  • The update capability remains guaranteed

Software follows function

Our corporate philosophy

As a company active in research, we combine the highest flexibility with the greatest possible security with our principle of the software manufactory. Since we start on the basis of your business processes with the guideline “software follows function”, we can map and control your warehouse in its entirety. This applies to all manual processes as well as to expansion stages with the highest degree of automation and all warehouse technology. Since 1980, TUP has been active in the market, through consulting and research in order to find the best solution. In addition to our experience, we have a wide repertoire of market-proven best-practice building blocks that we can apply to your individual requirements and functions. Here you can learn more about our approach to green and brown field projects.

To provide the best possible support for your processes, we rely on standardized tools that enable us to efficiently meet your individual requirements.

What we offer:

  • Smooth process flow from goods receipt to goods issue with very stable system behavior and quickly implementable utilization potential
  • Combination of different picking forms for efficient order processing
  • Transparency of all warehouse movements and the order flow
  • Comprehensive control center functions for effective planning, monitoring, control and optimization of business processes
  • Minimization of logistics unit costs through economical processes

Communication is key

We know the market and speak the language of our customers

Meeting the expectations of our project partners is our primary goal. Recognizing customer needs with foresight, understanding them and satisfying them is essential in this regard. As conscientious service providers, we make indispensable contributions to the success of our customers.

Wie wir das umsetzen:

  • Regular exchanges between all project stakeholders
  • Organizing staff training
  • Bringing our many years of experience to your project
  • Creating experienced teams to fit your requirements
  • Long-term customer commitment
  • An in-house support team deeply involved in the subject matter


How we regard responsibility and management

Entrepreneurship has always characterized our culture and is the basis of our success. We cultivate this tradition by taking responsibility together with our employees and trusting them to achieve success. We therefore set high standards for the personal conduct of our employees. Fairness and integrity characterize our interactions. This applies both within the company and toward business partners and the public.

How we support this:

  • Flat hierarchies and teamwork
  • Targeted use of specialists and transparent management decisions
  • Stable teams of experts who accompany projects for many years
  • Social responsibility and freedom to shape togetherness in the workplace

Stability & Strength

Our goals are long-term

After more than 40 years, we will remain family-owned. We firmly believe that the long-term orientation this allows is a particular strength. That is why our strategic development will continue to be characterized by commercial prudence and financial solidity.

What serves as our foundation for this:

  • In-house training
  • A long-term employee retention
  • A long-term customer commitment
  • Targeted employee development
  • An orientation towards national as well as international markets

Our references:

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