With more than 200 sales partners in 60 countries, GRASS is a company that benefits from a solid logistics underpinning. The Würth Group company is one of the global flagships when it comes to furniture movement systems. In recent years, GRASS has reached its infrastructural limits in terms of further growth, not least due to the fact that several, differently located warehouses were taken over by merger. Against this background, the aim was to create the conditions for profitable and sustainable development with a new and, above all, central location.

With an investment volume of 70 million euros, the largest logistics construction project in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg to date took shape. The aim was to find a solution that would concentrate the entire logistics of all European production plants at one high-performance location; a globally operating logistics hub.

Thus, the new GRASS customer and logistics center was built at the Hohenems location. The new building, which also serves as the new headquarters of the company, is successfully in operation. Four GRASS employees from different positions in the project share their perspectives on working with TUP.

You can also find a project report here.

The Management Perspective of Helmut Kainrad - CFO of the GRASS Group

Helmut Kainrad CFO GRASS Group
Helmut Kainrad has been with the company for 20 years. He currently holds the position of CFO. He joined the project in 2019.

We are currently facing the expansion and restructuring of our production plants, in which six production buffer warehouses with different software are in operation at the moment, there we see a lot of potential in the unification of our systems on TUP solutions.

In this interview, Helmut Kainrad reveals what he particularly appreciates about working with TUP and what potential he sees in future collaboration.

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The Perspective of Jürgen Moritsch - Responsible for Strategic Logistics at the GRASS Group

Jürgen Mortisch Responsible for Strategic Logistics GRASS Group
Jürgen Moritsch has been an employee of the GRASS Group since 2007. He was tasked with iniitating the tender for the project.

Through the many conversations we had a very good feeling that the software manufactory is the right partner for the future. We have received a professional answer to everything and were never fobbed off with the statement “We do this our way and you’ll take it”.

Jürgen Mortisch provides insight into what the expectations were on the part of GRASS and how the emerging challenges in the implementation were handled.

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The perspective of Rene Malojer - manager of the GRASS central distribution center in Hohenems

Rene Malojer Manager central distribution center GRASS Hohenems
Rene Malojer began his career at GRASS in 2013 as part of his on-the-job university studies. He has been the manager of the central distribution center in Hohenems since May 2021.

We were able to communicate quickly on an equal footing and both sides gained valuable sparring partners: On the one hand, we from GRASS, who brought the experience from the past to the table, and on the other hand, TUP, which had implemented comparable projects and also had its finger on the pulse of the times in terms of requirements and implementation possibilities.

Rene Malojer’s focus is on the operational processes in the warehouse. In the interview, he therefore talks, among other things, about the advantages of the hybrid picking system that is used in the central distribution center in Hohenems.

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The perspective of Manuel Bonner - member of the ERP team

Mnauel Bonn ERP Team GRASS Group
Manuel Bonner was part of the project from the beginning and moved from supporting the internal warehouse processes to the ERP team.

I was particularly amazed at what is controlled by IT and how complex it all has become. Before, I had never been part of a project of this magnitude and had little contact with topics such as material flow calculation. How profound even the smallest changes can be there has opened my eyes and thus awakened my interest in the world of IT.

In the interview, Manuel Bonner reveals what he particularly appreciates about working with TUP and what potential he sees in future collaboration.

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