CEO / CFO | Owner

Simon Thomas

“It is essential to support one another at all levels to ensure a high degree of quality. Only by combining the skills and knowledge of several people complex or extensive tasks can be successfully implemented.”

CEO / CMO | Owner

Mathias Thomas

“My greatest goal is to create a company in which 140 people are happy in a certain way and have no basic fears. It is clear to me that this can only be achieved through the constant commitment and participation of everyone.”

Our guiding principle

The software manufactory

We have been part of the intralogistics ecosphere since 1980 and know that each of our project partners needs individual solutions to develop their full potential. For this we need co-workers who see themselves as companions and pioneers. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive insight into the process and help you to shape your solution independently and at eye height. Our goal is to develop best practices, to establish them on the market and to adapt them individually in every project, so that the findings can be incorporated into our software.

In order to achieve this, however, the company culture must also fit the manufacturing principle. Therefore, we attach great importance to individual induction phases (sponsorships and mentoring), independent activities, a permanent position and a friendly environment with flexible and open communication channels.

Our company culture


Open exchange of knowledge

Due to our market experience since 1980 we have gathered a considerable amount of knowledge. To enable our mix of experienced specialists and young professionals to work together on an equal footing, we have established a regular exchange of knowledge through our ‘FORUM’ series of events. The aim: to offer a platform where everyone can present individual topics.

Room for your ideas

Organization of communities of interest and event groups

Several boules teams, who have set up their own field, a table tennis and a chess group, which play their matches in the cafeteria, and a cooking group, which meets daily to try something new in our kitchen. Cooperation at eye height needs free time and space, which can be arranged individually.

Company culture

Open channels and participation

Via our internal communication channels and our intranet, topics or suggestions can be easily shared and discussed with everyone. This is how we create participation and the opportunity to help shape the company culture at any time.

Team spirit

Sport and fitness creates community

The option of physical counterbalance is a central aspect of our corporate culture. That’s why every employee has the option of arranging an individual training and consultation with our Personal Trainer Andreas Marcello-Ferrara. In addition there is a regular back fitness course.

Melissa Jöckle - HR-representative of TUP

Melissa Jöckle

Your contact for questions and feedback

At TUP the satisfaction of the employees is the focus of the company, therefore it is important for us to find not necessarily those with a flawless CV, but those that will help us evolve our company culture and our services.