The logistics sector had to wait two years, but on May 31, 2022, the time had finally come: The gates opened at 9:00 a.m. and, to our positive surprise, the trade show filled up quickly. In addition to the set-up and “implementation” of the booth, the first day was well filled by meetings with project partners, an interview appointment for our CEO Simon Thomas and an expert panel presentation by our CIO Eduard Wagner on the agile selection and implementation of WMS solutions.

Day 1 - The interview topics of Simon Thomas

Für die Messe hatten wir drei Themenfelder im Gepäck, die unsere Geschäftsführer im Interview mit LogiMAT.TV anschaulich vermittelte.


The intralogistics industry is moving towards browser-mediated web environments. At TUP, we are excited about the possibilities this brings – especially when it comes to customization. With our newly designed web interface we offer our project partners the basis for an optimal user experience while accessing the applications of the Warehouse Management System: Each user of a system can individually define exactly the cockpit and dialogs which will enable him or her to act faster and more efficently.


TUP.Analytics provides our project partners with comprehensive business intelligence applications. It is an analysis environment specifically targeted at the strategic level. While our operational control center, TUP.WLD, monitors ongoing processes, with TUP.Analytics we provide a tool that allows comprehensive analyses of all historically collected data. The dashboard offers numerous chart types and metrics and allows valuable insights into what is happening in the warehouse through smart information visualization. The software provides a sound basis for better planning and optimization.


Intralogistics is predestined for the industrial application of AI systems due to the large amount of structured data available, but the term is unfortunately often used overzealously. All the noise surrounding the topic of artificial intelligence makes it more difficult for companies to find the right approach. To provide the best possible solutions for our project partners, we combine our intralogistics expertise with the field-proven toolbox of AI-based solution modules from our strategic partner AIM. In this way, we integrate mature AI applications deeply as well as directly into the warehouse management processes.

Day 1 - Keynote speech by Eduard Wagner in the expert panel "Agile selection and introduction of WMS systems".

In the first expert panel held with the participation of TUP, entitled “Agile Selection and Implementation of WMS Systems – Fast and Secure to Project Success”, our CIO Eduard Wagner provided his insights on agility in software.

"Ich bin Techniker. Am liebsten würde ich Ihnen direkt viel tiefere Einblicke geben."

As one of three experts, he provided the hands-on IT perspective on the topic in the session. Within 10 minutes, he briefly and succinctly provided insights into the agile development approach at TUP and, despite the limited time, managed to noticeably captivate the audience. In the impulse lecture, which was presented with a lot of verve, he conveyed that agility must first be lived and enforced as a philosophy. Only then can it become the key to software that makes everyone happy. Following this, he also formulated the thesis, explicitly described as a bit of a brag, that TUP’s development teams can solve any problem. In the course of the presentation, however, it was impressively conveyed to the listeners that there is sufficient substance and know-how behind this statement, in addition to optimism. This was also shown by the fact that many interested questions were directed at Eduard Wagner after the forum

Eduard Wagner im persönlichen Gespräch über Agilität in der Software.

Day 2 - The expert panel urban and rural supply concepts of the future with Mathias Thomas

Mathias Thomas Fachvortrag auf der Logimat2022 zu Versorgungskonzepten
Der Schlüssel sind unabhängige Konzepte.

A key message from the event, where all speakers agreed, was “We’ve been talking about this for twenty years, but nothing is moving forward.” The reasons are often that programs are started with funding but then go dormant. Another, that local governments often bow to the demands of individual industries and don’t look at the big picture. To this end, the statement “Everything that can be digitized will be digitized” and that consumption costs must be rethought was also made in two presentations. Koppenhagen and the inner-city toll in London were cited as examples of the traffic turnaround, both of which first had to prevail against resistance but are now celebrated as successful concepts.

“Wir brauchen ein Netzwerk, wir können nicht sagen einer macht es.” - Mathias Thomas zu den Herausforderungen der ruralen und urbanen Versorgungskonzepte.

Booth concept 2022

Day 3 and "the team is the star"

At times even used as a kind of claim, the statement made in the headline is historical for TUP. Nevertheless, it has timeless accuracy for our cooperation internally and with our project partners. During all three days, the entire booth team performed in unison, whether at the front in discussions, at the rear in the “back office” or while welcoming guests to the booth.

The third day was characterized by discussions with interested parties, project partners but also the visit of the exhibition halls by us.

A big thank you to all those involved who made these three days a success.

Impressions from the trade fair

The focus of our presence at the 2022 trade show was on face-to-face meetings. As it is a central part of our company culture, we wanted to find the right solutions together with interested parties and project partners on site. This works best in a pleasant atmosphere. In this respect, the TUP booth stood out noticeably – both visually and conceptually, for which we would like to thank the company Raumszene once again. The response was extremely positive: the lively hustle and bustle at the continuously visited pavilion was noticeable. Combined with the renowned names of our project partners, TUP was able to spark the interest of many passer-bys.

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