Just in time for the first working day of the new year, we celebrate TUP’s podcast debut. Last year, together with our strategic partner company in the field of industrial AI, AIM – Agile IT Management GmbH, we were digital guests on the industry-renowned german podcast ‘Irgendwas mit Logistik’ (IWML).

IWML already appeared in early December as part of a post on this website. The podcast discussion follows a previous cooperation between TUP and IWML, which curate so-called reports on various focus topics in addition to the audio format. With a contribution on automation control, TUP contributed its expertise to a report on warehouse management systems.

In Episode #170 of the podcast, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Eduard Wagner of TUP and Arvin Arora, Managing Director of AIM, talk with hosts Jens Pommerening and Thomas Lührs. They discuss intralogistics, artificial intelligence and the practical combination of both areas or fields of activity.

We want to deliver software for intralogistics processes and actually excite the users of this software in logistics centers.

– Eduard Wagner, CIO of TUP

The listener can expect an interesting, not too technical deep dive into the subject of ‘Industrial AI’ in the intralogistics context. It becomes clear why the partnership between TUP and AIM makes great sense and what role AI can play in the warehouse in the coming years, especially for complex projects with innovative character.

It’s best to listen directly – right here or on a podcast platform of your choice.

Nobody buys 10 kilos of AI. You have to have clear use cases in mind.

– Arvin Arora, Managing Director AIM