We are pleased to be part of the latest topic report of the logistics platform ‘Something with Logistics’ (IWML).

The 180+ page ‘Report’ takes an in-depth look at the topic of Warehouse Management Systems. Numerous experts from the industry provide insights, interviews, and valuable tips – all free of charge.

As the central topic of the company, there were numerous aspects that could have been addressed by TUP. In the end, we now delivered an article entitled “Here be dragons – How white spots on the automation map become solutions”, which brings the complex and sometimes daunting subtopic of automation control in intralogistics closer in a very accessible way.

In the typical, sometimes relaxed tone of IWML, the report shows along the modern automated warehouse logistics of our project partner GRASS the topic or exemplarily an entire project course, at the end of which there are nine central rules for the successful completion of a project for warehouse automation.

The extensive and detailed report is available free of charge on the IWML website – however in german language only.