It is with great pleasure that we announce our official name change:

TUP GmbH & Co. KG is history.

We welcome you to the newly renamed TUP GmbH & Co. KG.


It is often said that in former times everything was better, less complex. In many cases this may be true. But not in all cases. The new name, which unites the worlds of intralogistics and software here in Stutensee, is a successful example of this:

The series of letters TUP is not only shorter, more concise, more international. The three letters are also already very well known in the industry. After all, it was the market itself that preferred the acronym as a shorter variant of the previous name. The short form has long since made the leap into the company. The fact that the name TUP is an integral part of the corporate culture can be seen in numerous places: From our warehouse management system TUP.WMS, to the ‘TUP Campus’, to the website under the domain

Nothing changes for you besides the name change. The series of letters, pronounced “T-U-P”, stands for ‘Thomas und Partner’ as before. All general terms and conditions as well as sales and delivery conditions etc. and our address remain unchanged. In addition, we only use the opportunity for a further development of our logo.

Mathias Thomas, CMO and owner

“Names and designations serve as anchors and as objects of identification in the complex market situation. With the change of name, we establish clarity.”

Realistically, the change of name is therefore simply consistent. The Internet is full of help (“Find the right name for your company!”) and advice (“The name must reflect the values of the company.”). But why look backwards when you have filled the name with values and life yourself over the course of 40 years? Functionalism is preached at TUP. What we recommend for the software we develop seems like a good way to go in other matters as well.

To all of you who have read the text up to this point, we would like to thank you very much for your interest.

We are pleased that you have placed your trust in us – in intralogistics or in other fields as well. We look forward to bringing exciting projects to a successful conclusion with you – as your competent partner at eye level!

Simon Thomas, CEO and owner

“Short, simple, distinct – efficiency is just as welcome here as it is in intralogistics, for which TUP supplies high-performance warehouse management systems.”