Project overview

OTTO Versand is the world’s largest mail-order company. Otto’s company premises in Hamburg now extend over 200,000 m².

The challenges

The Otto project comprised several expansion stages. In the course of these stages the following services had to be mapped in software:

  • Expansion of the high-bay warehouse from 600,000 to 1.2 million cartons
  • Integration of a new replenishment sorter
  • Changeover to three-shift operation
  • Structural extensions
  • Integration of technical equipment from various manufacturers
  • Conversion of the communication to the underlying control systems to TCP/IP coupling

The implementation

As general IT contractor, TUP was responsible for the following functions in the new dispatch facility in Haldensleben:

  • Goods receipt, control of high-bay warehouse
  • Replenishment, picking
  • Control of tray buffer and sorter packing
  • Outgoing goods
  • Control center and dialog system
  • Visualization of the work progress
  • PDA system (approx. 120 terminals)
  • Printer control (approx. 100 invoice printers)
  • Delivery of the computer hardware (HP-UX server)
  • Conception and implementation of the network expansions
  • Design, implementation and commissioning of the software extensions on the technical computers
  • Specification, test and delivery of peripheral equipment
  • Online invoice printing
  • Accompanying support of the migration through several stages

By the transfer of the IT solutions from Haldensleben to the OTTO head office in Hamburg, with the additional use of a modern pack sorter, considerable synergy effects were achieved.

The following functions are supported:

  • Replenishment, goods receipt, picking
  • Control center and dialog system
  • Visualization of the work progress
  • PDA system (approx. 120 Terminals)
  • Control of sorter and tray buffer, film wrapping machines
  • Printer control
  • Outgoing goods
  • Employee administration, incentive system
  • Optimization of the picking process by adding a third picking stage
  • Graphic control station system

The logistics system of TUP was set up without suspending operations.