Visual presentation of management-relevant information in a real-time

Synchronize time, personnel and machines order-related and in real time to proactively deal with the day’s workload instead of reacting to bottlenecks. Detailed graphical representations provide your employees with a comprehensive overview of running processes and workload as well as suggested solutions for complex orders.

software follows function

Leverage the full potential of individual visualization of your key figures via the software manufactory principle

All standard solutions can display the transport of goods from A to B and the associated data. The key to the full potential of a control center is to visualize the data in real-time, embed it in the right context, derive recommendations for actions and offer historical information for comparison. Every warehouse is individual, which is why it is essential to customize key figures, user interfaces and process displays.

In modern logistics centers, the control center is the central instrument for controlling the complex daily business. Resources must be relieved or reprioritised, organisational measures must be implemented before bottlenecks occur, and the right conclusions must be drawn quickly from a wide range of data.

Therefore, our ‘Warehouse Logistics Dashboard’ is not only directly connected to the Warehouse Management System, but can also extract the data in real-time if required and display it separately: In this way, important process participants can access the data without jeopardizing decision-making processes.

the advantages

TUP.WLD at a glance

  • Throughput and resource utilization are optimized
  • Concise graphical preparation of all data
  • Comprehensive process overview, progress monitoring, manipulation (shuffle or split orders) and performance overview (throughput per aisle, employees per aisle)
  • Optimal transparency in the warehouse
  • Option to select specific key figures for enhanced controlling and data for weak-point analysis
  • Ergonomic, intuitive user interface


Graphical user interface - Gallery

Future-proof, modular and optimized for your business processes

Automated processes in particular require a strong, individualized solution for the control center. This is the only way your employees can control the logistical process on a daily basis and, if necessary, intervene appropriately. Our solution provides the necessary information and intervention options via clear and comprehensible parameters. You can extend our adaptive software with a module for managing your industrial trucks: the forklift control center.

This allows you to guide your forklift trucks in an optimized way and receive feedback on the progress of the order in real-time through documentation steps such as barcode scans, radio transmissions or RFID tags. During the initial integration, our control station software already includes all relevant key figures. We adapt this software to your business processes and store parameterized messages that provide the first impulse for cause analysis during operation.

Success Story

Setting up the dispatch operation in Haldensleben for OTTO-Versand

The OTTO project comprised several expansion stages. In the course of these stages, the following services were to be implemented in the software: Extension of the high-bay warehouse from 600,000 to 1.2 million cartons, integration of a new replenishment sorter, conversion to three-shift operation, structural extensions, integration of technical equipment from various manufacturers, conversion of communication between the control systems to TCP/IP coupling.

Feature overview - TUP.WLD

The TUP.WLD shows processes and optimization potentials transparently. Derive benchmarks from your key figures and use them to proactively control your intralogistics.

The forklift control station

Use the swiss army knife among the industrial trucks even more efficiently with our forklift guidance system, which adapts to any warehouse topography. Feedback in real-time, complete order documentation and route-optimised guidance of the available forklifts ensure increased throughput in your warehouse.

Order optimization
The available transport orders are distributed automatically to ensure short distances and quick re-availability. If required, the allocation can also be done manually. In addition, it is ensured that forklifts are used to full capacity in a value-oriented manner. This saves resources, distances and prevents bottlenecks in your intralogistic processes. In order to support your control center manager in the best possible way, we develop parameterizable strategies for order processing in cooperation with you.

Transparency and verification
By means of order confirmations at the storage location and the further stations of the transport log, you always have an overview of the order progress. For example, if there is a zero crossing, you can start follow-up processes defined by you, such as replenishment or initiate a continuous inventory. In addition to triggering follow-on processes, you also increase warehouse security by verifying the transported goods.

All common forms of picking, whether paperless or document-based, are supported. This means that you can continue to use your existing systems without any issues and are well prepared for the integration of the latest solutions.

A selection of key figures available for your reporting

  • Order structure in order type, size and number of picking items per order
  • Picks per day and employee for performance based bonus payments
  • Packing performance of the employees
  • Error rates
  • Capacity and utilization of storage and storage facilities
  • ABC statistics
  • Stock level
  • Throughput, summary and per area
  • Number and type of stock movements
  • Stocks and changes in stocks
  • Supplier quality and number of clarification cases
  • Order processing time
  • Stock loss and shortages
  • Utilization of the available space
  • Picking rate and costs per order
  • Stock movements, capacity utilization and costs per stock movement
  • Rate and reasons for returns

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