Optimized transport routes for your industrial trucks throughout the company premises

We adapt our forklift guidance system to your individual warehouse topology. The modular approach of our software allows you to easily integrate it in different expansion stages, from manual warehouses to highly automated and networked materials handling technology.

software follows function

Control your industrial trucks collaboratively and in real-time with our solution based on the software manufactory principle

Intralogistics processes require transparency and adaptability in order to develop their full efficiency and, above all, future potential. Without direct communication in real-time, neither human-operated industrial trucks nor driverless transport systems can be reliably utilized, as important information is lost in the simple measurement of start and destination points. Through a modular, customized forklift guidance system, this valuable information can be gained and used to optimize business processes through more balanced workloads or to expand the fleet.

Especially in companies with high manual transport volumes, our guidance system for industrial trucks of all kinds offers a significant improvement in tour coordination. This is the only way to ensure that the routes are actually the shortest and that personnel bottlenecks are identified and compensated for in good time. In this way, we create scalability without sacrificing flexibility and ensure a smooth workflow with more consistent workloads for employees along the entire process chain.

Through our experience in the market since 1980, we know exactly the potential of the constantly evolving material handling vehicles, how they need to be incorporated into different warehouse topologies and integrate new technologies seamlessly into our adaptive software world.

the advantages

Your intelligent forklift guidance system at a glance

  • High efficiency and cost-effectiveness through optimized distribution of transport orders
  • Safety through verification of the transported goods at the origin and end point
  • Transparency through real-time data
  • Reduction of empty runs
  • Adaptation to any warehouse topology
  • Modular expandability for new industrial trucks or automated guided vehicles

The guidance system for industrial trucks - TUP.FGS

The TUP.FGS is the modular and scalable solution for your fleet of material handling vehicles and offers you best practices for all transport processes of your forklifts and autonomous transport vehicles. Discover the benefits for your intralogistics.

Optimizing the capacity of your forklifts and industrial trucks

Forklifts can be assigned to one or more control areas at any time, from which they are then supplied with transport orders. When assigning an order, the waiting time of the goods to be transported is considered first, according to the transport priority, and then the arrival time of the transporter. For each source point, it can be individually determined whether the forklift driver may freely choose from the available transport units or not (retrieval from blocked transport units).

The connection of concrete facilities is done via the exchange of order and message telegrams or via dialog guidance by radio terminals of the forklifts. Since both the storage location and the transported goods are recorded in this way, the inventory is automatically booked in real-time and TUP.FGS always has the current position of the vehicle.

The guidance system for forklifts and industrial trucks by TUP - TUP.FGS

The TUP.FGS brings transparency to your forklift or industrial truck dispatching and management. Discover the advantages for your intralogistics.

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