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Individual dialogs, parallel process, easy integration of further scanning devices

The different mobile operating systems offer you a wide selection of state-of-the-art hardware and a flexible basis for modular expansion.

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How the software manufactory makes your intralogistics more efficient via smart device ecosystems

When selecting mobile devices, managers in intralogistics are always faced with the decision of whether to use specialized devices with often closed software and server architecture or to purchase various software solutions for a smart device and use them in parallel. The security of specialized systems is bought at the price of a loss of flexibility and speed of adaptation. The use of an ‘open’ mobile device, on the other hand, poses high challenges in terms of integration into existing business processes and reliability.

As a company actively engaged in research and development, we test the potential of available technologies. As a software manufactory it is a given for TUP to develop the appropriate solution in-house. Therefore we combine the best from both worlds of standardized MDEs and the open architecture of the different mobile operating systems: A dynamic construction kit for individual dialogs as well as full reliability by storing the process status in the warehouse management system – in case of a device failure the user can simply log on to a new device and continue working in the same dialog that was open before the malfunction. In addition, you can make your processes even more efficient through Augmented Reality via the end device itself or through Smart Glasses.

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Your smart mobile logistics solution at a glance

  • Simple integration of commercially available smartphones
  • High-resolution image or pictogram displays on the smart device
  • Data acquisition via various Auto-ID technologies, from code reading via barcode or 2d-coding technologies to RFID
  • Voice-guided applications such as Pick By Voice (PBV) without middleware
  • Combination of different technologies (RFID, photo, audio, …) with one end device
  • Data glasses for augmented reality and other applications


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Create transparent, flexible and individual solutions for your business processes and remain manufacturer-independent

TUP.SML is the solution to replace conventional MDEs in intralogistics with modern smart devices. Functions such as handwriting or image capture can be integrated into your intralogistic processes and the latest visual display options can be fully exploited. On the one hand, the warehouse employee receives information about his order via the display, on the other hand he interacts multimodally with TUP.WMS. The unique feature of our solution is the seamless integration of standard smartphones into your business processes.

Smart Mobile Logistics from the software manufactory - TUP.SML

TUP.SML takes into account the critical aspects of working with mobile devices in intralogistics: reliability in the process, easy operation even when wearing gloves, fast rollouts of new dialogs and a high degree of manufacturer independence.

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