CEO, CFO | Owner

Simon Thomas

“To achieve a high degree of quality, it is particularly important to support each other at all levels. Only by combining and uniting the skills and knowledge of several experts can complex tasks be solved successfully.”

CEO, CMO | Owner

Mathias Thomas

“My greatest goal is to create a company in which 140 people are happy in a certain way and no longer have any basic worries. This can only be maintained through the constant work and participation of everyone.”

CIO | Managing Director

Eduard Wagner

“In many ways, logistics offers new facets every year that our company can explore. It is our declared and constant goal to find the niches in which fresh ideas can be born. That’s where my focus as CIO is.”

COO | Managing Director

Günther Pfisterer

“Growth needs structure. That’s why I am concerned with the development of strategic concepts for our customers and for ourselves, in order to find the best way to the destination for everyone involved using the multi-faceted means of the digital work environment.”

Our development approach

Adaptive software

You will not get standardized solutions from us. After all, your distribution centre is unique and your specific structures and processes require specific solutions and approaches.
For this reason, all our solutions are based on the adaptive software model. This means: combinable software modules that give you the freedom to adapt all IT processes to your individual needs. On a standard platform with basic services, we add exactly those IT modules that are specifically needed for your requirements. If you want to expand your system in the coming years, the necessary components can simply be supplemented.

Your advantages:

  • You buy exactly what you need at the current time
  • You save costs and implementation time
  • The system can be adapted at any time to the economic development of your company
  • No superfluous functions and no unnecessary system loads
  • The update capability remains guaranteed

Fairness & respect

Our philosophy and values

As a mid-tier family owned business, we feel committed to the well-being of our employees and their personal development. We promote understanding and respect in dealing with each other. In addition, we are promoting a culturally diverse working environment. As a result, employees of different nationalities and qualifications enrich our company. We appreciate the value of long-term personal relationships with customers, suppliers and, of course, our employees.

What we offer:

  • Equal opportunities
  • No fluctuation
  • Generation management
  • A stable balance of work and family life
  • Tailor-made vocational training
  • Flexibility
  • An individual and modern workplace

Communication is key

We know the industry and speak the same language as our customers

Meeting the expectations of our project partners is our first priority. Recognizing customer needs with foresight, understanding them and satisfying them is essential. As a conscientious service provider, we make indispensable contributions to the success of our customers

How we implement this:

  • Regular exchange between all project participants
  • Organization of on-site employee training
  • Contributing our many years of experience to your project
  • Assembling experienced teams to suit your requirements
  • Long-term commitment towards our customers
  • Dedicated support teams with detailed knowledge of your processes


How we view responsibility and management

Entrepreneurial spirit has always shaped our culture and is the basis of our success. We cultivate this tradition by taking responsibility together with our employees and trusting them in the implementation. We therefore place high demands on the personal conduct of our employees. Fairness and integrity characterize our cooperation. This applies both within the company and towards business partners and the public.

How we support this:

  • Flat hierarchies and teamwork
  • Systematic assignment of specialists and transparent management decisions
  • Stable teams of experts, who accompany projects over many years
  • Social responsibility and freedom to shape interaction at the workplace

Stability & Strength

Our goal is sustainability

After around 40 years, we will remain in family ownership in the years to come. We are firmly convinced that the long-term orientation that this allows is a particular strength. Therefore, our strategic development will continue to be characterised by commercial prudence and financial solidity.

What provides us with a foundation for this:

  • Individual vocational training
  • Long-term employee retention
  • Long-term customer commitment
  • Systematic support for our co-workers
  • A national as well as an international orientation