Your reliable partner for logistics facilities

Our project managers have many years of cross-industry experience in managing intralogistics projects of varying size and complexity. If you wish, we can also take care of the entire conception, organization and coordination: from the supervision of construction work to warehouse layout planning including conveyor and storage technology, evaluation of rack systems and operating devices, and the installation of suitable systems and components including IT-supported automation technology and the associated hardware.


Our COO and project lead Günther Pfisterer about our implementation processes

“The implementation of TUP’s Warehouse Management Solutions is carried out in interdisciplinary teams of logistics experts and software specialists, always in the spirit of ‘software follows function’. The close cooperation with the customer ensures the highest possible efficiency of the processes and the highest possible acceptance”.

How we support you in the planning and implementation of your intralogistics project

We support your Greenfield project

Support for construction projects

If you are planning an expansion of your warehouse or a new building, we will support you in every phase of the project, from conception to commissioning. In this way we ensure that at the end of each phase there is a result that ideally prepares the next step. However, the modularity of our phase concept and our consulting services means that we can also support you selectively if required.

The process of new construction projects with us

  • We have been in the intralogistics market since 1980. We bring this knowledge to the conception phase through implemented best-practice examples, the aim of which are clearly defined key figures for your requirements and a feasible specification sheet
  • In the next step, we transfer these requirements with you into the detailed conception of the technology and the IT, in order to derive an acceptable requirement document for your implementation phase
  • In the implementation phase we create individually adapted software to make the technology used run smoothly and stable
  • The test phase is the most important phase for us: Here we create detailed test scenarios to minimize the risk potential and the results of the integration test are directly incorporated into our adaptive software
  • After commissioning, we support you with adjustments to new business processes or market requirements

Implementation of modernizations and retrofits of your warehouse during ongoing operations

We are experts for brownfield projects

New business areas, changed order volumes, a strategic reorientation; there are many reasons to reconsider and reorganize the existing logistics infrastructure. Often, adjustments to individual tasks, revised processes, adapted IT or extensions of plant components are sufficient to meet the increased requirements. We are experts for the integration of this expansion during ongoing operations.

The workflow of retrofit and modernization projects with us

  • We are experts in brownfield projects, so we work with you to develop a range of approaches based on your strategic goals and your current status, which can be integrated into your ongoing operations
  • For the approach with the highest added value and the lowest risk potential, we prepare detailed implementation documentation and migration planning
  • In the implementation phase we accompany you with the integration of software individually tailored to your business processes and support you in the commissioning of the technical components if required
  • In the test phase we pursue a fast completion of the migration through efficient test scenarios and accompanying training of your employees in order to tie up as little capacity as possible during the transition phase
  • After commissioning, we continue to support you with adaptations, training and extensions resulting from the commissioning process

Our areas of focus in the project phases

Our goal in each phase is to deliver a thorough preparation for the next phase and a comprehensive deliverable at the end of it. We therefore place great emphasis on the development of market-ready specifications, clearly defined requirement documents and in-depth testing and simulation scenarios.

Definition of the support processes

Maintenance procedures and a rapid coordinated response in the event of failure should not be planned only when an emergency has occurred. We design and test standard and exceptional scenarios together with you so that you can react immediately.

Continuous quality assurance

Through our detailed test scenarios, we ensure during the implementation phase that the individual work areas achieve the required key figures and potential sources of error are eliminated before the test phase.

Functional tests of the software and technology

Our detailed test scenarios ensure that your intralogistics solution meets your requirements and KPIs.

Integration of the dialoge system into the user GUI

Ultimately, it is up to the end-user how well a system performs in practice. For this reason, we develop the dialogs in close cooperation with the users based on modular components that can be quickly adapted to new processes.

Analysis and data collection

Data and its careful analysis form the basis for all subsequent phases, so we use our project experience to go into more detail where necessary. The data is then prepared in a project-appropriate manner.

Configuration and adaptation management

The interaction of individual technologies is the key to an efficient material handling landscape. Thanks to our broad-based system and market experience, we can identify and incorporate optimization potential as early as the implementation phase.

Development and evaluation of implementation variants

Due to our project experience in various industries, we know the current best practices of the market and their future potential. On the basis of this know-how, we develop solutions for your requirements, which we then evaluate together with you.

Compilation of the requirement document

As the implementer, we draw up an implementable requirement document on the basis of your requirements from the specification sheet. As a software manufactory, we combine individual adaptations to your business processes with proven, modular solutions that are regularly updated with the best practices of the intralogistics market.

Drawing up the specifications

The first central step towards the successful completion of the planning phase is the development of market-ready specifications. We support you in defining your requirements so that they are comprehensive, based on key figures, and, above all, formulated in a way that is tailored to the service provider.

In-depth workshops for the project setup

In the specification phase, we use multi-day workshops to ensure that all project variables and subsequent steps are documented and evaluated. With our know-how we support you in identifying and assessing potential risks and create a solid planning basis.

Migration planning

In cooperation with you, we draw up a schedule for the migration or commissioning of your new intralogistics solution. Our many years of experience enable us to offer a high degree of planning reliability.

Kickoff Workshops

The aim of the kick-off workshops is to bring the team on your side and ours together, to understand the initial situation and to collect the requirements of the specifications. In this way we ensure that we can answer all your requirements and open questions before implementation and that we get to know the status quo from your perspective and in your words.

Define target status of the interfaces

We compare the initial state of the interfaces with the desired target state in order to identify the most promising ways to your goal on the basis of your specifications. Because individual requirements require clear documentation as a first step to find the most suitable individual solution.

Research and evaluation of the implementers

We have been in the market since 1980, which means that we have a wide, efficient network of service providers. Our experience allows us to evaluate them in your interest.

Sparring during the development of the specifications document

You are currently drawing up your specifications? We support you with our project experience and market expertise during the creation process to ensure that your requirements are fully documented and in line with the market.

Detailed conception of technology and IT

Documentation with definition gaps is a project risk. We go into detail to ensure that the proposed solutions in the requirement document meet the requirements of complex IT projects.

Adjustment and optimization cycles

The demands on intralogistics are rarely static. Together with you, we check your solution for optimisation potential and IT security.

Matching the solution approaches to the requirements

We assign solution proposals to the requirements of the specification sheet, which we evaluate together based on the project variables. In this way we arrive at the solution that ideally matches your business processes and is thus precisely documented in the requirement document.

Support after the go-live

After completion of the launch phase, we accompany the project during the first weeks with our specialists in order to be able to react immediately in case of emerging issues.

Remote maintenance

In many cases, it is not necessary for us to be on-site for troubleshooting; this saves you time and money. Through access via VPN or other remote connections, we are always able to intervene rapidly in an emergency.

Sparring and market monitoring

The intralogistics market is constantly evolving. As experts with experience in this market since 1980, we create a comprehensive overview of new technologies and trends for you.

Regular maintenance intervals

We offer different maintenance levels. You decide how close our support intervals should be. Our reaction and standby times are always in a reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

Support via Jira, hotline and on-call service

We know that every minute that your intralogistics is not fully operational causes significant costs. Therefore, we make sure that you get to the right contact person as quickly as possible and that the problem is well documented before it enters the Q&A process.

Preventive maintenance

Thanks to state-of-the-art system monitoring, maintenance work can be avoided. With remote access we are able to monitor your hardware comprehensively. In this way, we identify bottlenecks before they become critical and develop follow-up measures at an early stage.

Setting up and operating the tiered development architecture

We rely on tiered development and test systems to ensure the greatest possible security. Our architecture, therefore, comprises development, test, pilot and production systems.

System training

Any intralogistics solution is only as good as the people who use it. We provide training at every project level to increase familiarity with the system and efficiency in its use.

Change Management

We accompany you and your teams during the introduction of the transformed business processes during the test and subsequent live operation. In doing so, we use our expert knowledge to achieve the best possible optimization potential in these phases.

The key to success

We integrate your IT infrastructure

Warehouse management systems are embedded in an existing software world. Loss-free communication with inventory management, customs or dispatch systems is essential for the success of the company. Since intralogistics solutions can only be integrated smoothly into existing IT landscapes through flexibility, we know that high-performance APIs and individual adaptations are the key to success.

Process optimization of your software

Your intralogistics IT is lagging behind your processes and thus causes avoidable additional expenses or incidents? With our adaptive software for your warehouse technology, you bring speed and stability to your business processes. We offer a 24/7 on-call service to keep it that way. We are manufacturer-independent and have been on the market since 1980 as experts for the consolidation of hardware and software in intralogistics.

Our optimization process

  • We analyze your current processes in order to create a marketable requirement specification together with you that clearly describes your requirements and is suitable for implementation
  • Through our software manufacturing guidelines, we develop an individually customized solution for your requirements. In doing so, we follow market-proven standard processes, which result in high-performance software tailored to your needs
  • With our detailed test scenarios during integration, we ensure a smooth launch and incorporate feedback from your users
  • After commissioning, we accompany you as reliable service and sparring partner to optimally implement your business processes with the existing warehouse topology

Hardware implementation in the warehouse

Without an optimized infrastructure, any software is only partially efficient. The selection of suitable hardware is decisive for your warehouse performance. Your database must be able to keep up with the increasing volume of static and dynamic data. In addition, mobile data collection via MDEs and other end devices in your warehouse depends on a resilient network infrastructure.

We support you in all challenges in the hardware area of your logistics project: on the one hand, in the development of qualitative and quantitative requirement profiles, on the other hand, in the selection and implementation of suitable components in the existing network environment.

Peripheral integration and networking

The selection of the appropriate peripherals is a matter of individual requirements, since no two warehouses are alike. Picking aids and warehouse strategies must be harmonized and adapted to your processes in order to ensure smooth and, above all, scalable operation.

We know the requirements and the market in detail. This enables us to put together the ideal combination of software and peripherals for you, for example RFID tags, readers, BDEs, MDEs, barcode systems and printers.


Planning and handling of all intralogistics components for Zalando

We accompanied the construction of the 130,000 square metre dispatch center on the former airport grounds of the Canadian Army in southern Baden as general planner. The largest warehouse in the region to date has approximately 1,000 workplaces, which are divided into a hall for delivery and two connected order-picking warehouses. The investment amounted to approx. 130 million euro.