• What is the first thing that comes to mind?

  • Are you in full control of your logistics?

  • Are you prepared for the future?

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  • You believe intralogistics to be a source of untapped potential?

we do

  • And we will guide you on the journey ahead.


Growth?Consolidation?Or both?

  • Whatever it is you want to achieve, we'll help you accomplish your goal.

  • We consult, plan and build – we make it happen.


We are the Software Manufactory of intralogistics.

  • IT Development in Karlsruhe – Software made in Germany.

  • 100%, 2nd generation family owned and self-financed for 40 years

  • We constantly adapt our modules to the best practices of the market.

  • Each of our solutions is tailored to the individual needs of our respective client.

together as a team

  • We see ourselves as a „family of specialists

  • We know the way: 40 years of expertise in intralogistics – both scientific and applied

We strive to continuously

  • improve our technologies

  • expand our knowledge and capabilities

… to always deliver the best solutions to your logistical challenges.

together as one

Individualism to us means functionalism.Therefore we live by our claim:

„Software follows function“

It is our quest to provide custom-made Intralogistics software - as flexible as you need it to be, enabling you to leverage every potential for sustainable growth.

We know THE WAY

Customized solution VS One-size-fits-all software. Our customers know the difference. Some of many project partners our software has helped to be what they are today:

  • Zalando

  • Bosch

  • Adidas

Managing complexity and change are what we excel at.


Where we started, where we are now

Startup 201049 employees

11 Mio orders per year

32 mio. active customers37 mio.orders per year14.000 employees

and others trusting in us

Since 2008: BOSCH Warehouse Management Systems for business units Powertools and Automotive Aftermarket (365d/y) – each the biggest DC in its field company wide (b2b)

Since 1983: Adidas General planner for European Distribution Center (Retail), DC serves more than 18 countries

casTUP your eyes

With us you get to peek behind the buzzword curtain, because with us you‘ll not just get the promises, you‘ll get the science to back it up: AI and Smart Data

Algorithmic Intralogistics • Get new insights from existing data warehouses• Reach the next level in your analytics• Expand your prediction capabilities – demands, returns, staff, …


Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it Assured by our manufacture principle: Best-practice modules combined and tailored to fit your purposes/processes

blackboxes?not with us:

Know how is shared – support is continued


  • Avoid the bloat of one-size-fits-all standard software

  • Accelerate your supply chain with optimized processes supported by our individually tailored solutions

Profit from our lean, highly performant and easily adaptable software structures.


  • Basis created to easily and directly map future developments in your system

With us you'll

  • Learn from the past

  • Improve the present and

  • Prepare for the future

ready for new adventures

  • Gain the ability to reconcile the tried and tested with your future vision without compromise

  • New plans? A WMS that is just as flexible as your company itself

ready for new adventures

RULS - Future way of how smart cities will be shaped – driven by sustainability

gaxsys - Retailer Integrated Management for Pureplayers and Manufacturers

nExtCOMbag - Sustainable and high automated future way of packing

TUP AI - AI driven Distribution Center Solutions – ready for the future?!