Employee Training Courses And Technical IT Training

Training Courses At Glance

Our Employee Training Ensures

  • A Comprehensive Process And System Overview
  • Detailed Instruction On The System And Its Characteristics
  • Understanding Of How To Handle Peripherals
  • User Group-Specific Training
  • Active Troubleshooting And Dealing With Faults

Guaranteed Quality

Because software development and training are closely intertwined, the training content is continuously reviewed and updated. This active transfer of expertise and the self-reflection associated with it ensure both the quality of the training courses and system usability. Last but not least, the user documentation also reflects the most up-to-date information.

Professional Training And Qualifications

Value-adding activities require trained employees. This is why DR. THOMAS + PARTNER offers training courses to share system knowledge; these are available in the form of comprehensive onsite training or intensive courses at our premises.

In addition to training on the system and its functionalities, our training courses also include instructions on handling peripherals and provide a clear overview of the interdependencies between processes. Furthermore, they offer practical instructions on how to handle faults and problem situations.