Strong ideas shape our excellent software modules

No Short-Lived Developments

Adaptive Software & Variability

In software development, it all comes down to the right approach. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER has focused on adaptivity for decades: our dynamic architecture adapts to suit your requirements and can react to changes at any time. Below are just a few of the variables in a new project:

  • Each Client’s Established Business Processes
  • Different Levels Of Automation
  • Individual Interfaces Between Enterprise Resource Planning, Logistics And Control Systems
  • Integration Of Existing Software Systems And Databases
  • Connection To Existing Dialogue Systems (based on different operating systems and development tools)
  • Use Of Different Peripherals
  • A Wide Range Of Functions/Processes/Technologies

We aim to minimise the influence of these variables on the project duration and costs.

Strong Arguments

Software is ten a penny. Yet, especially within the intralogistics sector, expert developers with logistics expertise are rare. We offer both – software developers and logistics specialists in one. We work as a team to find the perfect solution for you: standardised at its core, yet flexible in terms of processes. The strongest aspects:

  • Modular, Adaptive Structure
  • Stable, Open Architecture
  • Flexible To Adapt And Expand
  • Independent Of Hardware And Platforms (operating system, database)
  • High Performance
  • Release And Update Compatibility
  • Multi-Site Capability
  • Driven By Business Processes
  • Short Calibration And Start-Up Times

Strategic Focus

The strategic focus of DR. THOMAS + PARTNER is always long-term. Our clients depend on a reliable partnership and thus on sustainable software solutions. With our comprehensive planning expertise in conjunction with development knowhow at the highest level, we often assist our partners over many years. The size of the project makes no difference; we are strong when we work as a team.

  • Up-To-Date With Technological Developments
  • Experts In Logistics And Software Development
  • Service And Support Throughout The Contract Duration
  • Customer Requests Come First, Right From The Beginning

Our Motto: Software Follows Function

After more than 1.000 projects, we know that many software systems are similar, but none are identical to any other. We endeavour to find the ideal, customised software solution for each of our clients. A logistics information system developed by us must be capable of coping with any solution-finding process. This requirement is a constant challenge, as both the preconditions and aims are never identical.

Our software has a modular structure. Since 1997, we have relied on a stable, open architecture precisely because each client is unique. Our developers always aim to be flexible, and to expand and adapt the software on an individual basis. A particularly notable feature is its independence with regard to heterogeneous operating system environments. For many years, our clients have also trusted the ability of our software to faultlessly support even multiple sites.

One reason for the success of DR. THOMAS + PARTNER is undoubtedly the company’s many years of experience in terms of software development. We use this experience to constantly develop our technologies and skills further. Our priority is to use the latest development methods and systems, with a focus on architectural, testing and inspection methods. With TUP, you are always up to date.