Go-Live Support, Service And Maintenance All Under One Roof

Exactly To Suit Your Needs


At DR. THOMAS + PARTNER, you don’t talk to a standard call-centre employee, but to a highly qualified member of staff who has got to know you very well during the project!

Service and Maintenance of your system is performed by a service team that is familiar with your project. This means that information loss is ruled out right from the start. As part of preventative maintenance, time-consuming repair jobs can be avoided thanks to our modern system monitoring process. Our online maintenance portal CSAM (Customer Support and Maintenance) also ensures that maintenance tasks are completed transparently, efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.

Preventative Maintenance

Thanks to a modern system monitoring process, repair jobs can be avoided. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER is able to monitor your hardware comprehensively using remote access. This enables us to identify bottlenecks before they become critical and develop additional concepts at an early stage.

Classic Maintenance

DR. THOMAS + PARTNER offers various maintenance levels. You decide how much security you would like. Response and on-call times are always kept in reasonable proportion to the costs.

Remote Servicing

It is often unnecessary for us to be onsite during troubleshooting; this saves you time and money. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER employees can be contacted by their clients anywhere, any time.

Our Service, Your Concept

After start-up, the new system needs to prove itself during day-to-day operation. To ensure that everything functions seamlessly, the challenge faced by project managers is to achieve a smooth transition from the test phase to the production phase. We strike a balance between support and autonomy, which is characterised by change management, test operation, test runs, and fall-back strategies in addition to training courses.

Even during the planning stage, we work with you to devise a suitable support concept. And, as previously mentioned, from run-up support and change management, training and test operation, through to test runs and documentation – we leave nothing to chance. The continuous inclusion of all those involved in the project and the provision of suitable fall-back strategies at critical points reduce reaction times for improvement measures and enable an effective suggestion system.