Our Research Team Interprets The Future Of Logistics With Adaptive Software Modules

Current Topics

Adaptive Software

We don’t supply any standard solutions. Ultimately, your distribution centre is unique and your specific structures and processes necessitate certain approaches and techniques.
For this reason, all our solutions are based on the model of adaptive software. This means combinable software components that give you the freedom to adjust all IT processes to suit your individual needs. We start with a standard platform with basic services and add to this exactly the IT building blocks that are specifically required for your needs. If you want to expand your assembly section in the coming years, the components required for this are easy to implement.

The Benefits For You:

  • You Buy Exactly What You Need At Present.
  • You Save Costs And Implementation Time.
  • The System Can Be Adapted To Suit The Economic Development Of Your Company At Any Time
  • No Superfluous Functions And No Unnecessary System Loads
  • Update Compatibility Is Ensured

We Rely On Long-Term Research & Development

Have you reached the highest level of automation? Have you achieved the greatest possible throughput? In short: your supply chain management system is running optimally. Are you sure? Each logistics optimisation measure saves you an enormous amount of money. This is why we are continuously looking for new ways to make our products even more effective, individual and stable, all in close collaboration with industry and training institutions. What’s more, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER keeps up to speed with developments in its work, as we constantly develop new, modern approaches using our distinct investigative spirit and, not least, through active involvement in university teaching and VDI/VDMA working groups.

Development means progress. Our warehouse solutions are always state-of-the-art – and then a step beyond that. You reap the rewards of this.