Otto Group - Mail Order Retail

Otto Group Project Information

OTTO-Versand is the world’s largest mail-order company. The Otto premises in Hamburg now extends over 200,000 m².

The Challenges

The Otto project comprised numerous development stages. The following services in software were to be mapped during the course of these stages:

  • Expansion Of The High Bay Warehouse From 600.000 to 1.2 Million Cardboard Boxes
  • Integration Of A New Replenishment Sorter
  • Switch To Three-Shift Operation
  • Structural Extensions
  • Integration Of Technical Assembly Sections From Various Manufacturers
  • Conversion Of Communication To The Subordinate Controls To TCP/IP Connection


As an end-to-end IT service provider, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER was responsible for the following areas in the new Haldensleben shipping centre:

  • Incoming Goods, Control Of High-Bay Warehouse
  • Replenishment, Order Picking
  • Control Of Container Buffer And Sorting And Packing System
  • Outgoing Goods
  • Control Panel And Dialogue System
  • Visualisation Of Work Progress
  • Production Data Collection System (approx. 120 terminals)
  • Printer Control (approx. 100 invoice printers)
  • Delivery Of The Computer Hardware (HP-UX server)
  • Design And Implementation Of Network Expansions
  • Design, Implementation And Start-Up Of Software Expansions On Technical Computers
  • Specification, Testing And Delivery Of Peripherals
  • Online Invoice Pricing
  • Supervision Of The Migration On Numerous Levels During Operation

Significant synergy effects were created by transferring the IT solutions from Haldensleben to the OTTO head office in Hamburg, with the additional use of a modern packing sorter.

The following functions are supported:

  • Replenishment, Incoming Goods, Order Picking
  • Control Panel And Dialogue System
  • Visualisation Of Work Progress
  • Production Data Collection System (approx. 120 terminals)
  • Control Of Sorter And Container Buffer, Film-Wrapping-Machines
  • Printer Control
  • Outgoing Goods
  • Employee Administration, Bonus System
  • Optimisation Of The Picking Process By Connecting A Third Picking Level Upstream
  • Graphic Control Panel System

The logistics system from DR. THOMAS + PARTNER was set up without interrupting operations.



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