Fadis - Vehicle Distribution Services GmbH

FADIS Project Information

In the ‘Import’ department at Emil Frey Gruppe Deutschland, FADIS GmbH (Fahrzeug Distribution Services) exploits synergy effects in all central management and logistics fields. Founded in Friedberg in 1996, it supports automobile importers such as Subaru and Hyundai with firmly established back office services.

The Challenges

The merging of the European market, increasing globalisation and the enormous entrepreneurial expertise of the Emil Frey Group caused FADIS GmbH to put all of their existing IT systems and processes under the microscope. In order to meet foreseeable, growing requirements and needs for vehicle imports and the international motor trade, the decision was made to design and implement a new IT system with the support of DR. THOMAS + PARTNER.


Development of a standardised and transparent IT system for vehicle import (IMS – Import Management System) and the motor trade. All basic requirements were fulfilled here:

1. Complete Mapping Of The Business Process Chain In The Automobile Trade For The Core Competencies

  • Motor Trade
  • Parts Retail (incl. warehousing)
  • Customer Services Management

2. Optimal support for the Emil Frey Group agility in the import field through

  • Multilingualism – In Order To Be Capable Of Working Across Borders And Internationally
  • Multi-Client Capability – In Order To Be Able To Flexibly Integrate New Brands Into The System At Any Time
  • Modularity – In Order To Ensure A Quick System Introduction In Line With Needs
  • Flexibility – In Order To Be Able To Quickly Implement Future Requirements To Ensure Competitiveness

The IT system has been used for a good decade, is continuously developed and has already proven its capability numerous times. The extremely positive, direct link between ROI and TCO and a stringent data flow with integrated data management is clear to see.

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