Brillux ...More Than Paint

Brillux Project Information

Brillux ist ein Vollsortimentanbieter für Maler- und Lackiererbedarf. Brillux hat mehr als 12.000 Artikel für Maler, Lackierer und Stuckateure im Programm.

The Challenges

The full-range supplier Brillux has heterogeneous order structures due to different clienteles (own sites, DIY stores and painting contractors). In order to better coordinate transports, the same system needed to operate at all four sites. In the process, the following needed to be observed:

  • Transfer Of The Basic System To Three Further Sites
  • Specific Adaptations For Each Individual Site And The Lower Level Of Automation
  • Back-Transfer Of Adaptations To The Basic System

The overall stocks also needed be minimised.


The Warehouse Management System from DR. THOMAS + PARTNER was initially installed at the headquarters in Münster. A transfer was then made from there to the remaining sites. The application created stock transparency across all sites.

A Selection of projects