BAUR Versand - Burgkunstadt Distribution Centre

Project Information

Baur Versand is one of Germany’s oldest mail-order companies. Its key product ranges include fashion, shoes, furniture and technical items.

BAUR Versand: The Challenges

At the beginning of the collaboration between Baur and DR. THOMAS + PARTNER, the aim was to guarantee transparent order structures and flexible use of the system. The deployment of personnel was also variable.

The further development stage aimed to optimise the organisation of replenishments and adapt the system to higher output and availability demands.

In recent years, optimal use of space and processing of returns and packaging materials have been the most important points of action.


DR. THOMAS + PARTNER has been working with Baur since as far back as 1984. During this time, TUP has taken care of optimising of the flow of goods as well as software-based implementation. The following measures represent a few ideas from a longstanding partnership:

  • Installation And Development:
    – A Picking Control System
    – A Replenishment Conveyor System
    – A Printing And Control Panel System
  • Introduction Of Batch Creation
  • Route-Optimised Order Picking
  • Ergonomic Workplace Design
  • Flexible Field Allocation
  • Development Of A Clear, Hierarchical Level Structure For The Computer
  • Minimisation Of Response Times
  • Design And Installation Of High-Availability Hardware
  • Control Software For A Multi-Function Sorter That Makes It Possible To Sort Returned Parcels, Unpacked Individual Parts, Complete Individual Parts, And Display Packaging At The Same Time
  • Use Of Returns Stock For Deliveries
  • Development And Installation Of A Multi-Client-Capable System

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