The Link Between IT And Employees

Manufactoring Execution System

Just A Few Of The Functions

  • Browser-Based Production Data Collection Dialogues For Static And Mobile Equipment
  • Master Data Management
  • Authorisation Control Using Team Allocation
  • Support For Group Bonuses
  • Registration With Personnel Barcode
  • Recording Of Performance-Related And Performance-Free Activities
  • Interfaces To Upstream Systems:
    – Personnel Administration (ERP)
    – Logistics Computer And Sorter
  • Interfaces To Downstream Systems:
    – Activity-Based Costing
    – Incentive Wage Accounting (ERP)
    – Controlling

The Benefits For You, At a Glance

  • Maximum Transparency
  • Easy Collection Of Key Performance Indicators
  • Allows Incentive Wage Accounting
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Performance-Related And Performance-Free Activities
  • Target-Performance Comparison


Manage Everything In One Place

TUP.MES is the link between manufacturing and intra-logistics. The system captures operational data as a basis for analysis and planning. The results help support internal procedures and the implementation of future process optimisations. TUP.MES will give you a clear view of performance at all times.

There are many parameters that can influence internal process performance. The right decisions can only be made if exact data can be captured in an uncomplicated way. TUP.MES offers simple, user-friendly controls to achieve the required process transparency.

Data is captured with stationary or mobile devices running Android, iOS or Windows operating systems. Depending on application, an automated data capture could also be implemented.

The information gathered here will also be useful for further processing in networked systems.