Effective control and coordination of your intralogistics

Warehouse Logistic Dashboard

The Benefits For You, At a Glance

  • Optimised Output And Resource Utilisation
  • Clear, Graphic Depiction Of All Data
  • Comprehensive Process Overview, Progress Monitoring, Process Manipulation (Gather Or Split Orders) And Performance Overview (Output Per Channel, Employees Per Channel)
  • Optimal Transparency In The Warehouse
  • Ability To Specifically Select Performance Indicators For Improved Controlling, And Data For Weak-Point Analysis
  • Ergonomic, Intuitive User Interface


Everything At Glance With Our Control Panel

TUP.WLD acts as a supervisory mechanism for the transport control system and provides the necessary transparency for all warehouse processes.

Comprehensive control panel functions enable the warehouse to be monitored and managed effectively. You gain a graphical representation of the order pool, critical processes and your key performance indicator, or KPI for short. In this way, you can allocate employees according to capacity and ensure a smooth throughput. Even trends over time can be displayed to motivate the workforce or to measure performance for benchmarking. This increases output and improves the utilisation of resources.

To do this, the control panel function draws on data that is already available in the system, and represents this graphically. You can choose between different visualisations, allowing you to determine the ideal representation for each performance figure. Thanks to the modern, ergonomic user interface, all of the functions are easy to use.


Automated processes in particular require strong personalised warehouse management. Only this can control the logistics process and take targeted action when needed. Our software therefore provides the control panel with the necessary information and intervention options via clear, understandable parameters.

Dipl.-Inform. Bernhard Klein

A Selection Of Performance Indicators

The System Offers You The Following

  • Order Structure Into Order Type, Size, And Number Of Picking Positions Per Order
  • Picks Per Day And Employees For Bonus Incentives
  • Employee Packing Performance
  • Error Rate
  • Capacity And Utilisation Of Warehouse And Warehouse Equipment
  • ABC Statistics
  • Warehouse Fill Level
  • Output As A Summary And Per Area
  • Number And Type Of Warehouse Movements
  • Stocks And Stock Changes
  • Supplier Quality And Number Of Cases Requiring Clarification
  • Order Lead Time
  • Warehouse Loss And Shortages
  • Space And Area Utilisation Ratios
  • Picking Rate And Costs Per Order
  • Warehouse Movements, Capacity Utilisation And Costs Per Warehouse Movement
  • Returns Rate And Reasons


Activity Recording And Key Performance Indicators With The TPI Module

The TPI (TUP Performance Indicators) module enables you to determine and evaluate a range of performance indicators that illustrate and support the cost-effectiveness of your warehouse.

Would you like your logistics system to be better controlled, or do you require the foundations for a weak-point analysis? Would you like to improve your performance using targeted benchmarking? In all of these cases, the TUP.WMS can make your work easier.

A variety of performance indicators can be directly determined by the logistics system. In this way, the information is fed back into the process as feedback at an early stage. For activity recording and displaying key performance indicators, there are a range of visualisation options to choose from. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER is happy to help you develop performance measurement systems or a data warehouse.


Forklift Control Panel

Functions At Glance

  • Adaptable To Suit Any Warehouse Topography
  • Batch Tracking Using Transport Feedback
  • Throughput Optimisation Using Manual Or Automatic Distribution Of Transport Requests
  • Flexibility Through Manual Or Automatic Order Prioritisation
  • Minimises Costs By Optimising Forklift Utilisation
  • Adjustable Strategies For Order Processing
  • Resource Optimisation Due To Forklift Staff Logging In And Out
  • Security Through Verification Of The Goods To Be Conveyed
  • Transparency Thanks To Order Feedback At The Storage Area And The Transport Report
  • Support For The Chosen Picking Form (Paperless Or Paper-Based)
  • Reliable Due To Automatic Replenishment Notifications With Zero-Crossing Or Permanent Stocktaking Support By Terminating Zero-Crossing Procedures

Features Of The Forklift Control Panel

Using barcode scanning, RFID tags and radio terminals, the TWS warehouse management system receives feedback from the forklift driver. This ensures that the order progress is seamless monitored. The forklifts are driven along optimised routes, and handover to the conveyor takes place without any problems.