We Implement Innovative Intralogistics Systems With Our ‘Made In Germany’ Software Solutions

The Benefits Of Our IT Solutions At Glance

Warehouse Management Systems

  • Smooth Process Flow From Goods Receipt To Goods Dispatch, With Very Stable System Performance And Quickly Implementable Service Potential
  • Combination Of Various Picking Forms For Efficient Order Processing
  • Transparency In All Warehouse Movements And The Order Workflow
  • Comprehensive Control Panel Functions For Effective Planning, Monitoring, Control And Optimisation Of Business Processes
  • Minimisation Of Logistics Unit Costs Through Economical Processes
  • You Rely On A Tried And Tested System That Has Won Many Top-Class Awards

Material Flow Systems

  • Effective Use Of All System Resources
  • Cost Savings And Risk Minimisation Thanks To A Modular System
  • Maximum Flexibility And Quick Reaction Times For Later Expansions
  • Standardised Modules Guarantee Seamless Integration And A High Level Of Reliability
  • Transport Management Based On The Innovative SAIL Standard

Manual Sorting And Picking

  • Greatest Possible Flexibility With Fluctuating Order Volumes
  • Increased Employee Motivation Thanks To A Varied Workflow
  • Optimal Utilisation Of The Facility
  • Performance, Output And Quality Of A Fully-Automated Sorter
  • Positive Environmental Impact

Control Panel

  • Optimised Output And Resource Utilisation
  • Clear, Graphic Depiction Of All Data
  • Comprehensive Process Overview, Progress Monitoring, Process Manipulation (Gather Or Split Orders) And Performance Overview (Output Per Channel, Employees Per Channel)
  • Optimal Transparency In The Warehouse
  • Ability To Specifically Select Performance Indicators For Improved Controlling, And Data For Weak-Point Analysis
  • Ergonomic, Intuitive User Interface

Production Data Collection

  • Maximum Transparency
  • Easy Collection Of Key Performance Indicators
  • Allows Incentive Wage Accounting
  • Automated Data Collection
  • Performance-Related And Performance-Free Activities
  • Target-Performance Comparison

Mobile Device System

  • Incoming Goods, Order Picking And Stocktaking Controlled Directly By The System
  • Acceleration Of All Warehouse Processes
  • Precise Stock Management Through Online Booking Onsite
  • Secure Data Verification Using Scan Processes (Product ID, Warehouse Coordinates, etc.)
  • Ongoing Processes Can Be Monitored Online.

Automotive ERP

  • All Existing And Future Trading Partners Directly Linked To The Central Organisation
  • Mapping Of Flexible Distribution Structures And The Associated Bonus Programmes (Performance Bonus, Quantity Bonus, Profile Bonus, etc.)
  • Control Of Multiple PDI (pre-delivery inspection) Centres, Even If These Are Independent
  • Further Importers Or Distribution Centres Linked To Own Organisation For Use As A ‘Back Office’
  • Quality Management At The Highest Level
  • Increased Retailer Satisfaction And Importer Attractiveness
  • Risk Minimisation Through Stock Security And Financial Security (Importer/Retailer)
  • Cost Transparency/Margin Calculation

E-Commerce Multichannel

  • Opening Of An Additional Distribution Channel By Integrating Static Retail
  • Brand Strengthening Through A Central, Manufacturer-Optimised E-Commerce Site
  • Maximisation Of Goods Availability By Integrating Static Retailers
  • Cost Reduction Through Intelligent Process And Returns Management
  • Development Of Collaborative Business Relationships With Retailers
  • Image Boost Thanks To Sustainable Online Retail And ‘Green Logistics’

Tailored, Intelligent Inventory Management

Our constant aim is to offer more than just manual skill: DR. THOMAS + PARTNER creates comprehensive IT solutions for intralogistics. We plan and implement the most effective results in line with our clients’ requests. In the process, we offer flexible work packages, from partial subsections to taking end-to-end responsibility for an entire project, from planning, consulting, and implementation, through to support after start-up.

One of the special features of our IT solutions is the use of object-oriented adaptive software. The individually combinable module groups in our products guarantee you the highest flexibility with maximum security. We have been developing and perfecting this for many years.

When it comes to your inventory management, material flow control, order picking and control panel, you buy exactly what you need – no more, no less. You have the security of knowing that the system modules are already tried and tested, while also retaining absolute flexibility for later system modifications.
The solution skills and quality of work offered by a service provider only become apparent on implementation. The high technical level of our products has already made a positive impression in over 1000 successfully implemented projects. Put us to the test!