The gax system

Successful retailer integration in e-commerce

The unique feature of this type of retailer integration: If the customer has ordered online, the order is offered via the gax channel to the nearest Points of Sale (PoS), e.g., local retailers, franchisees, or branches, for order fulfillment.

The advantages of the gax system for webshops and retailers

The gax system creates a win-win situation from which both webshop operators and stationary retailers benefit.

The process:

  • A customer orders an article in a webshop and pays for it directly
  • The webshop operator offers this order for fulfilment in the gax channel
  • If a stationary retailer has the article in stock and the selling price is profitable for him, he can ‘gax’ the order, i.e. take it over
  • This ordered and already paid order is fulfilled by packing and shipping the goods

The retailer increases his turnover through additional sales by participating in the online business of an e-commerce company. The webshop operator integrates the local retailer as a decentralized warehouse location, thus ensuring the shortest possible delivery route.

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