Benefit from our intralogistics advice and know-how

Intralogistics Consulting At A Glance

Our Approach To Consulting

In order to thoroughly get to know your requirement profile, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER holds workshops where we determine through dialogue whether your processes and requirements are in line with each other. At the same time, we also take into account both the technical possibilities and process changes, and compare bottlenecks with your current and future requirement profile.

Elements Of Our Consulting Service

  • Determining The Current Situation Using Processes, Structure,
    Warehouse Site And Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Documenting The Current And Target Situation
  • Developing Possible Distribution Concepts
  • Installing A Data Mart To Analyse All Relevant Issues
  • Analysing A Solid Data Corpus To Evaluate Concepts
  • Developing A Clear Definition Of Objectives

Good Advice From DR. THOMAS + PARTNER

The demands on your logistics IT system are increasing: e-commerce is growing ever more important, product ranges are changing, order quantities vary. Older systems are often no longer able to cope with these new tasks – technical components are no longer supported by the manufacturer, and the lack of reliable maintenance increases the risk to your business.

So the question you ask yourself is: a new investment or modernisation?

DR. THOMAS + PARTNER works with you to develop concepts to reorganise your global logistics processes. By regularly sharing experience across projects, our intralogistics planners and developers are able to start work on complex client processes very quickly. In this way, our team has established unrivalled analytical skills throughout all industries over the last 30 years.

You will receive comprehensive intralogistics consulting. We adopt a target-oriented approach and consider the cost-effectiveness of all possible options so as to use your resources efficiently. At DR. THOMAS + PARTNER, we feel that open dialogue is essential, even (or especially) when it comes to controversial topics.