Eurologistics Site Planning

Intralogistics And IT Planning

Our Approach To Planning

In intralogistics and IT planning, we take a similar approach to Albert Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” When applied to our work, this means that established workflows should be simplified first, and only then automated, if reasonable. And, by incorporating all relevant factors from an early stage, we can work together with you to put in place a strong, sustainable logistics IT system.

As part of the planning services offered by DR. THOMAS + PARTNER, we design intelligent systems that precisely meet your requirements. At the same time, these still allow sufficient room for alterations to suit technical advances and business developments.

Just A Few Of Our Planning Services

  • Site Planning
  • Distribution Structure Planning
  • Works Structure Planning (master planning)
  • Material Flow Planning And Optimisation
  • Warehouse System, Material Flow System And Picking System Planning
  • Simulation Studies For Systems Planning And Optimisation
  • Process Analysis And Optimisation
  • Capital Budgeting And Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Smart designs are fundamentally solution and future-oriented due to their modular structure. The intralogistics concepts and adaptive IT systems provided by DR. THOMAS + PARTNER generate their competitive advantage through cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Warmulla

We Plan With You

Each company has its own structures and processes, which describe its character and thus also cement the foundation of its corporate success. This is why we plan and implement your IT system holistically, always in line with the business processes that make your company unique. Our experience shows that it is only possible to define IT specifications and develop tailored hardware and software solutions based on the company structure and individual needs of our clients. And this gives our clients exactly what they want: an optimised, sustainable solution.

You determine the scope and speed of the project in partnership with DR. THOMAS + PARTNER.