Lecture "IT Fundamentals of Logistics" at KIT

Active In Research And Teaching

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Thomas has been involved in training students at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology since as early as 1976. Once again this year he is heading the lecture ‘IT for Intralogistics Systems’ at the Institute of Material Handling and Logistics Systems (IFL). He provides a great deal of content himself, while specific areas are taken over by colleagues and experts.

The aim of this learning module is to offer a comprehensive insight into the world of intralogistics while also relying on state-of-the-art technology. Due to his long-standing industry experience, Prof. Thomas can draw on an enormous wealth of experience that enables practical, varied training.

Professor Thomas also supervises degree theses.

IT not only helps us to understand the problem but also offers methods which the engineers then rely on to resolve your process-related problems. The solution is: the team is the star.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Thomas

Areas Of Specialisation

  • Electrical Drives, Sensors, And Installation And Control (fundamentals)
  • Coding Technology And RFID
  • PLC, SAIL and Material Flow Control
  • Communication Systems
  • Business Processes In Intralogistics
  • Innovative IT – Solutions For Intralogistics
  • Real-Life Experience
  • Lifecycles Of Intralogistics Systems
  • System Stability And Data Protection For Intralogistics Systems
  • Logistical Strategies For The Challenges Of The Internet Age