We Lay The Necessary Foundations

Our Components, Your Environment

Perfect Sizing And Presales

We identify the IT infrastructure you require, including the necessary hardware, through dialogue with you. The team at DR. THOMAS + PARTNER will provide you with technical recommendations in order to help you bring our solutions in line with your existing IT structure.

 While Taking Into Account:

  • Existing Business Processes
  • Existing Hardware
  • Component Reusability
  • Existing Components

Proposal And Implementation

We find the optimal pricing with our hardware partners and organise the fastest possible delivery of the hardware as well as its availability. Installation and configuration are carried out at DR. THOMAS + PARTNER or onsite at your facility, whichever you prefer. We offer a wide product range, adapted to our software components, which meets any performance requirements. As a long-standing partner to major hardware and software manufacturers, we have the expertise to optimally configure systems to order.

Relax – We Take Care Of:

  • Ordering, Delivery And Start-Up
  • Optimal Pricing
  • Training And Client Handover Onsite
  • System Maintenance And Optional Remote Monitoring

Technical Aspects:

  • High-Availability Solutions With The Shortest Failover Times In Active-Active Configurations
  • Backup, Restore And Disaster Recovery
  • Concepts/Implementation/Testing/Fulfilment
  • Slimline Virtualisation Concepts For Development, Testing And Quality Assurance Systems
  • Integration Into Existing Environments Or Planning And Implementation Of New Network And SAN Structures
  • Regular Application Performance Measurements On Manufacturers’ Beta Systems

After-Sales Service

We won’t leave you high and dry, even after the project is finished. Our employees will be happy to assist your company for longer than the standard guarantee on request. In addition to a general on-call service during business hours, we also offer an extended hotline, which is of course linked to your needs. The systems we implement are thus maintained throughout their service lives. This also includes responsibility for handling release versions and operating system patches. Snapshot mechanisms allow older or newer versions of a system to be launched at any time, without the need for time-consuming data backup creation or recovery.

We Are Here For You:

  • On Request, Guaranteed Availability Through On-Call Agreements
  • System Maintenance
  • Provision Of Patches And Upgrades At An OS/DB Level
  • Incident Management For Hardware Manufacturers (IT Incident Management)
  • Management Of Hardware Maintenance Agreements With Suppliers
  • Configuration Of Manufacturer-Specific Call-Home Mechanisms
  • Multivendor-Capable Proactive Monitoring Of Major Operating Parameters At Hardware, Operating System, Database And Application-Levels

Hardware And IT Infrastructure

Your projects and the associated IT infrastructure fundamentally require capability, extensibility and, of course, appropriate security. DR. THOMAS + PARTNER offers you these three pillars in a comprehensive package, including documentation, service and support.

Right from the beginning, DR. THOMAS + PARTNER supports you through your project. At the same time, we adapt our services with regard to hardware and the associated infrastructure directly to suit your processes, while also taking into account existing systems where required (retrofitting). The basic principle: your requirements in terms of the hardware and IT environment itself emerge from the dialogue we establish with you. We work with you to define which components are best suited for all of your company departments. After planning, implementation (including any necessary installation work) is carried out as quickly as possible. Naturally, you can expect us to maintain your system both throughout the project as well as after it is finished. This means that your IT system will remain future-proof.

For years, renowned clients have relied on our expertise when it comes to hardware and systems structure. This also includes what are known as storage area networks (memory buses), or SANs for short. These have been designed, for instance, for transferring large quantities of data at high-speed. However, local area networks, or LANs for short, are also a key part of our portfolio. Our employees are experts and will help you to integrate these networks into your projects. In the field of physical network infrastructure, we plan and install all the necessary network architecture – you decide what this is.

You can also rely on our after-sales service and support. Second and third level clients can also receive assistance outside of standard business hours through our on-call service. We even manage hardware supplier service integration. This means you only have one contact person who will take care of any faults and procuring new hardware.

DR. THOMAS + PARTNER is there for you.