Unser Team ist eine starke Gemeinschaft


Harmonious collaboration, an open operational environment and true personal authenticity are the basic prerequisites for being able to provide the best performance with satisfaction. As the owner, one sometimes also needs to take a step back so as not to prevent ideas from running free.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Thomas, Founder

An important element in quality is the kind of mutual support provided at all levels for combining and uniting the abilities and knowledge of several people in order to work together to resolve complex or extensive tasks.

Simon Thomas, Managing Director

One Team

Our employees are experienced experts in various different areas. Not only that, they are also long-standing associates and trailblazers who succeed through commitment and a sense of responsibility. A team of over 120 specialists is on hand to provide you with help and advice.

Employees involved in initial discussions usually support our clients throughout the entire project. Especially in the case of changes that need to be implemented quickly, this has proved to be an unbeatable advantage, as the detailed knowledge often amassed over several years enables them to act immediately and reliably.

We know no borders: our project teams are international. This means we bring the world together in our offices and guarantee the success of complex projects in germany and abroad.