Code Of Conduct


DR. THOMAS + PARTNER is committed to maintaining its customer relationships over the long term using the code of conduct. Only an open partnership and open communication create a homogeneous environment and thus the sought-after customer loyalty in the long term. All TUP solutions help our clients to utilise their workforce, energy and raw materials in an economical and socially acceptable way. Our research and development findings automatically flow into the company’s own software solutions, which are then made available to the client.

Code Of Conduct For Responsible Employees

Professional and social expertise is put into practice in a combined manner by DR. THOMAS + PARTNER. To ensure that employees develop solutions for you responsibly, we adapt the organisational structure and working environment on an individual basis, thus promoting performance, creativity and involvement. In general, all employees of TUP avoid business activities where personal interests and relationships come into conflict with the interests of the company.  As soon as conflict is identified, the employees are obliged to address this openly.

All executives and employees ensure that their own conduct and that of all those who report to them is fully compliant with applicable law and this code of conduct.

Strategic Partnerships

DR. THOMAS + PARTNER assists its clients with more than just results in mind. TUP assists global players, in particular, with international expertise. Our partners need to implement our demands in terms of quality and performance. Cooperation is exclusively oriented towards mutual success – specifically including yours as our client. We stake our name on this. In the process, we ensure on your behalf that our partners promise to support the work of each individual employee and also to protect natural resources. What’s more, only fair business conditions may be applied. And it is a matter of course for all those involved that your intellectual property is permanently protected.

Fair Business Practices

All employees and partners are prohibited from deriving any personal benefits in the execution of their activities for our clients, much less offering favours to clients. If hospitality is exceeded or applicable law infringed upon, there will be consequences. Business and private spheres are to be kept strictly separate. Open communication with partners, employees and the clients themselves is compulsory. In the end, the client is considered the best employee.

Protection Of Confidential Information And Intellectual Property

Since PRISM and XKeyscore, i.e. the 2013 NSA industrial espionage case, it has been more important than ever that confidential information is protected. Customer data and project details are therefore kept encrypted and can only be accessed from outside via VPN. We also expect this approach from all of our partners. What this means for our clients is that sensitive business information with which we are entrusted is fundamentally protected against attacks from third parties. TUP protects its own secrets and respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. Essentially: employees are obliged to keep trade secrets and data confidential, including those of our clients.