The International ERP System For The Motor Trade

Automotive Sales and Distribution

The Benefits For You, At a Glance

  • All Existing And Future Trading Partners Directly Linked To The Central Organisation
  • Mapping Of Flexible Distribution Structures And The Associated Bonus Programmes (Performance Bonus, Quantity Bonus, Profile Bonus, etc.)
  • Control Of Multiple PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) Centres, Even If These Are Independent
  • Further Importers Or Distribution Centres Linked To Own Organisation For Use As A ‘Back Office’
  • Quality Management At The Highest Level
  • Increased Retailer Satisfaction And Importer Attractiveness
  • Risk Minimisation Through Stock Security And Financial Security (Importer/Retailer)
  • Cost Transparency/Margin Calculation

Get The Big Picture

You have access to your data at all times, using almost any operating system, both locally and via the Internet. Use data easily in your Office applications and print invoices and credit notes as PDFs. Use the integrated BI functionalities to uncover weak points and quickly identify possible areas of potential.

Automotive Part Sales

TUP.ASD is the complete solution for the replacement parts trade.

From connecting retailers (via online dialogue and/or file interfaces), through invoicing, to warehousing (automotive WMS), everything is included – not forgetting returns processing, with warranty management optionally available.

Automotive Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system in which the processes are tailored to the automobile sector. Here are the most important features:

  • Daily Multiple Deliveries
  • Overnight Parts Supply
  • Connection To The Corresponding Carriers
  • Dynamic, Highly Optimised Run Planning
  • Specially Developed Picking Vehicle
  • Container Tracking
  • Transport Management And SPS Control

These are just a few of the characteristics of this specialised WMS.

Automotive Production Logistics

As a supplier, you are increasingly involved in the automobile manufacturers’ production processes.

We provide tailored logistics solutions for areas such as:

  • Onsite Assembly
  • Supplier Logistics Centres
  • Direct Provision To The Assembly Line
  • Assembly Sequence, Just-In-Time, Just-In-Sequence
  • Amendment Options Up To The Last Moment
  • Live Supply Chain

We will be happy to assist you from planning through to implementation.

The DR. THOMAS + PARTNER automotive ERP system is a unique, comprehensive logistics solution for supply chain management in the international motor trade. The multilingual and multi-client industry ERP system maps a company’s entire distribution structure and links business processes with the complete supply chain from vehicle import, the distribution and sale of motor vehicles, and customer services management, through to parts wholesale.

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Hille

Keeping Track Of Everything Worldwide

For over a decade, renowned automobile importers have been entrusting us with their core business. Using our automotive ERP system, we support companies such as Hyundai, Subaru and Mitsubishi in the motor trade, vehicle financing, dealer management, dealer integration, replacement parts trade, and customer services management fields.

The automotive ERP system TUP.ASD maps the supply chain from the manufacturer to the customer – in a modular, adaptive, multilingual and multi-client way. Because the system can be adapted to suit the wide range of needs in your company, it can be used flexibly and therefore knows no bounds. The product has already proven its worth numerous times in international use and in the management of various clients.